Monday, December 5, 2016

What The Voices Of Constitutional Liberty Are Saying

Here is a Podcast of Chris Martinson's interiew with Jim Rickards. Jim is one of the most "in the know" people alive on what is happening in America and the world today. Both Chris and Jim are Conservative Partiots who surpass the wisdom and knowledge of the elite insiders in understanding where our country and the world are headed on Financial, Economic, Political and Strategic issues. Jim is overflowing with extraordinary information so you will have to "listen Quickly" and stay focused. I'm posting this Podcast of controversial content because my conscience won't let me do otherwise.

I might add ... they do not cover the spiritual, biblical ramifications of the world's problems, but I try to do that myself. What they do, is give an accurate synopsis of the world situation from a secular point of view with facts and information so you can make preparations for your physical and fiscal protection. Knowledge is power, to that end.  RB

Click here and scroll down one page to the Podcast video

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving: Army Doctor Reminds Us..."Greatest Generation" Will Soon Be Gone

Thank them while you can

ARMY DOC reminds us....

"They Will Soon To Be Gone…"

Written By Capt. Steven R. Ellison, M.D., US Army

I am a doctor specializing in the Emergency Departments of the only two military Level-One Trauma Centers, both in San Antonio, TX. We care for civilian emergencies as well as military personnel. San Antonio has the largest military retiree population in the world living here. As a military doctor, I work long hours and the pay is less than glamorous. One tends to become jaded by the long hours, lack of sleep, food, family contact, and the endless parade of human suffering passing before you. The arrival of another ambulance does not mean more pay, only more work. Most often, it is a victim from a motor vehicle crash.

Often it is a person of dubious character who has been shot or stabbed. With our large military retiree population, it is often a nursing home patient. Even with my enlisted service and minimal combat experience in Panama, I have caught myself groaning when the ambulance brings in yet another sick, elderly person from one of the local retirement centers that cater to military retirees. I had not stopped to think of what the citizens of this age group represented.                    

I saw 'Saving Private Ryan.' I was touched deeply. Not so much by the carnage, but by the sacrifices of so many. I was touched most by the scene of the elderly survivor at the graveside, asking his wife if he'd been a good man. I realized that I had seen these same men and women coming through my Emergency Dept. and had not realized what magnificent sacrifices they had made. The things they did for me and everyone else that has lived on this planet since the end of that conflict are priceless.

Situation permitting, I now try to ask my patients about their experiences. They would never bring up the subject without my inquiry. I have been privileged to hear an amazing array of experiences, recounted in the brief minutes allowed in an Emergency Dept. encounter. These experiences have revealed the incredible individuals I have had the honor of serving in a medical capacity, many on their last admission to the hospital. There was a frail, elderly woman who reassured my young enlisted medic, trying to start an IV line in her arm. She remained calm and poised, despite her illness and the multiple needle-sticks into her fragile veins. She was what we call a 'hard stick.' As the medic made another attempt, I noticed a number tattooed across her forearm. I touched it with one finger and looked into her eyes. She simply said, ' Auschwitz ..' Many of later generations would have loudly and openly berated the young medic in his many attempts. How different was the response from this person who'd seen unspeakable suffering. Also, there was this long retired Colonel, who as a young officer had parachuted from his burning plane over a Pacific Island held by the Japanese. Now an octogenarian, he had a minor cut on his head from a fall at his home where he lived alone. His CT scan and suturing had been delayed until after midnight by the usual parade of high priority ambulance patients. Still spry for his age, he asked to use the phone to call a taxi, to take him home, then he realized his ambulance had brought him without his wallet. He asked if he could use the phone to make a long distance call to his daughter who lived 7 miles away. With great pride we told him that he could not, as he'd done enough for his country and the least we could do was get him a taxi home, even if we had to pay for it ourselves. My only regret was that my shift wouldn't end for several hours, and I couldn't drive him myself. I was there the night M/Sgt Roy Benavidez came through the Emergency Dept. for the last time. He was very sick. I was not the doctor taking care of him, but I walked to his bedside and took his hand. I said nothing. He was so sick, he didn't know I was there. I'd read his Congressional Medal of Honor citation and wanted to shake his hand. He died a few days later. Then there was the gentleman who served with Merrill's Marauders, the survivor of the Bataan Death March, the survivor of Omaha Beach, the 101 year old World War I veteran, the former POW held in frozen North Korea, the former Special Forces medic, now with non-operable liver cancer, the former Viet Nam Corps Commander. I may still groan when yet another ambulance comes in, but now I am much more aware of what an honor it is to serve these particular men and women.                          

I have seen a Congress who would turn their back on these individuals who've sacrificed so much to protect our liberty. I see later generations that seem to be totally engrossed in abusing these same liberties, won with such sacrifice.  

It has become my personal endeavor to make the nurses and young enlisted medics aware of these amazing individuals when I encounter them in our Emergency Dept. Their response to these particular citizens has made me think that perhaps all is not lost in the next generation.

My experiences have solidified my belief that we are losing an incredible generation, and this nation knows not what it is losing. Our uncaring government and ungrateful civilian populace should all take note. If it weren't for the United States Military, there'd be NO United States of America! We owe them.

Monday, November 21, 2016

3 Million Illegal Aliens Voted ... Guess Who For

Poncho Villa, Hillary or Trump?

Trump's easiest, quickest and cheapest housecleaning chore would be to remove the million names of dead people on the voter rolls and make compulsory Federal ID cards a requirement for voting. The law already requires Social Security cards for adults, Drivers Licenses for drivers, Fishing Licenses for fishers and Military ID Cards ... so why not Identification Cards for voters??? Write your Congressmen and demand it. We may never get another chance to fix the electoral system. RB

This from InfoWars  Nov. 14, 2016


Three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens, according to Greg Phillips of the organization.
If true, this would mean that Donald Trump still won the contest despite widespread vote fraud and almost certainly won the popular vote.
“We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,” tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations.
According to current indications, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by around 630,000 votes, although around 7 million ballots remain uncounted.
Virtually all of the votes cast by 3 million illegal immigrants are likely to have been for Hillary Clinton, meaning Trump might have won the popular vote when this number is taken into account.
Vote fraud using ballots cast in the name of dead people and illegal alien voters was a huge concern before the election.
On the morning of the election there were 4 million dead people on U.S. voter rolls.
Although some states require some form of ID before voting, California, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C. all require no identification before voting.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Globalists Will Remove Trump! You Won't Hear This From Their Mainstreet Press

If US Patriots had not created what I will call "SideStreet Media" to sidestep the MainStreet Media, like the New York Times, we would not have any input of accurate, factual world and national news at all. Thank God for these Watchmen on the wall's of America. RB

Hear this commentary, on Greg Hunter's, of a Globalist controlled world, by Rob Kirby. It is his analysis of their present response to Trump's election and their next move to replace him. You don't have to suspect or anticipate a conspiracy any more ... we are living in a Globalist conspiracy driven world. All in harmony with the last days prophecies of the rise of Antichrist. RB

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Clinton Sewage Back-up 6 Feet Deep In The Streets Of Our Capitol

Whatever other excuses or lies the Democrats may tell, in the final analyse, they were responsible for their own downfall.... either this Tuesday or after the election when Hillary will be charged with high crimes and endless corruption. The FBI, State Department, Attorney General and White House did their best to keep this sewage backup under control, but the enormous volume of it made that impossible. It is now 6 feet deep in the streets of Washington DC. RB

This from Constitution Newsletter Nov. 4

The FBI’s ‘October Surprise’ May Have Been the Last Gasp Ending the Clinton Dynasty

Pollsters can feel it in the air, Republicans can taste it and even those who had shied from endorsing Trump are falling into line, and more to the point, Donald Trump himself can feel the electric in the air as the avalanche of news about the FBI’s various and sundry investigations into Clinton Incorporated may be the final blow to topple the once powerful Clinton machine.

Last week FBI Director James Comey announced he was re-opening the investigation into the illicit email server Hillary Clinton had hidden in her home that she then used for her official communication in contravention to our national security laws when she was Obama’s Secretary of State. He may or may not have known just what a game changing action he was taking But the Democrats sure knew it because they spent the next five days attacking him personally despite that only a few months ago they were praising him as the quintessential unimpeachable public servant.

Sure enough, the Democrats’ gut feeling that the renewed investigation was bad news only just over a week before Election Day was 100% correct. In each of the five days after his announcement and as more and more information about just how serious the FBI’s various investigations into Clinton and her associates is, the polls began a double quick march in Trump’s direction.

The fact is, whenever this campaign has been about Hillary she has lost ground with the voters and that truism is no more obvious than this last campaign week when Trump and his foibles receded into the background and all news was about Hillary and her husband’s corruption.

Despite her best attempts to get the usually compliant media to bend to her will and refocus on Trump, she hasn’t been able to shake the constant drum beat of bad news coming out of the FBI. And it hasn’t helped her that Trump has been perhaps uncharacteristically on message and free of any meandering verbal gaffes during this same period of time.

Clinton’s woes have only increased since the FBI announcement, though, as in the week before Comey’s shocker the polls had begun a slow turn toward Trump.

As mentioned above, Democrats have been attempting to turn the FBI’s announcement into an attack on FBI Director Comey in order to discredit the news of the investigation. The perfect example of this is the wild, even idiotic, claims of Democrat flack James Carville who was caught on MSNBC charging that Comey was actually acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans” to torpedo Hillary’s campaign.

Carville laughingly said that Comey coordinated with the Republicans on his latest investigation and with this charge was echoing the lie told by Hillary Clinton that Comey only sent his announcement letter to Republicans in Congress. In truth, Comey sent the letter to both parties.

Furthermore Comey worked with Obama’s Department of Justice before sending out his letter. So, even the administration was aware of the investigation well before Congress was informed.

Not only that, but it has also been discovered that Comey waited a full two weeks before making his announcement of the investigation because he wanted to make sure that the evidence he had was substantive enough to be worth fueling his investigation.

But as the story moved on from the announcement of the newest probe into Hillary’s email scandal, the bad news has continued to pile up.

First came news that the Democrats worst “bad penny,” disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, was the source of the huge cache of emails that gave the Bureau cause to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s violations of our national security laws.

CBSNews confirms FBI found emails on AnthonyWeiner computer, related to Hillary Clinton server, that are "new" & not previously reviewed.  The emails were discovered as both the feds and local authorities were investigating him on charges of sexually molesting a teenager from North Carolina. As it happens, Mr. Weiner is the husband of Hillary’s long-time top aide Huma Abedin. Also as it happens she seems to have told the FBI she had none of Hillary’s emails on her own private devices — this now appears to be a lie since tens of thousands of them have been found on devices she and her husband own jointly. Even The New York Times called Weiner’s part in this his “unwelcome return” to vex Democrats.

The newest reports on Weiner’s part in this massive investigation into Hillary’s corruption reveals that the huge trove of Hillary’s emails discovered on Weiner’s devices are new emails that the FBI had never seen before.

But it only got worse from there. Reports keep coming and each one is worse than the next.

On November 3 the Daily Mail reported that the FBI found an “avalanche” of evidence of corruption surrounding Hillary and her so-called foundation all of which prompted them to quicken their investigations.

And, yes, investigations — plural — is the word. The FBI is now involved in five separate investigations into Clinton and her associates.

In any case, the Mail noted that this “avalanche” of corruption is very likely to bring an indictment unless, that is, Obama’s Department of “Justice” runs interference to torpedo that likelihood.

The FBI is saying it expects multiple indictments to come out of its various investigations, according to Fox News’ Bret Baier. But that is only if Obama’s Department of Justice doesn’t interfere.

All of this has caused many to feel that the FBI has declared war on the Clintons and that these many investigations will carry on whether Hillary wins the White House or not meaning that she’ll become the first president to take office under the cloud of multiple criminal investigations into her actions and those of her operatives.

Of course WikiLeaks has also been a major part of the revelations of corruption and one of the latest releases shows Clinton campaign chief John Podesta and many on his team discussing the things they need to do and the connections they need to make to rake in as much foreign money as possible.

It must be noted that it is illegal for American politicians to take campaign donations from foreigners.

It’s just one more potential criminal offense perpetrated by the “Clinton Crime Family,” as Rush Limbaugh like to call them.

Here is the breaking news Saturday From Constitution Newsletter Nov. 5

Shock Claim: NYPD Ready to make Arrests in Weiner Case but Justice Department Pushing Back!

Is this yet another example of Obama’s Department of (In)Justice stepping in to make sure that guilty criminals get a free pass? It’s beginning to seem more and more likely. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM, retired Navy SEAL Erik Prince said that his sources in the NYPD were ready to make arrests but were stopped by Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department!

“I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters.”

While the idea that the Justice Department could be obstructing the cause of justice may have seemed far-fetched a few years ago, the recent investigations into the Clinton family and the Clinton Foundation have done much to make Americans more cynical. From Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton, to the FBI’s decision to not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton — only to reopen the case when new evidence became available — to the revelation that the Justice Department tried to stop the FBI from announcing that they’d reopened the case, the Justice Department’s involvement in everyday politics has become obscenely regular and disgustingly partisan.

Mr. Prince also told Breitbart that the discovery of new emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop gave the NYPD the ammunition needed to force the FBI to reopen the case and hold the Clintons accountable.

“Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing.

They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.

The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments.’” The evidence against the Hillary Clinton and her family as well as her inner circle is growing larger by the day. The fact that no one has gone to prison yet is testimony to the power (and the secrets) that the Clinton family possesses. But, as Prince points out, everything may soon be coming to a head… and if Hillary Clinton is elected president it could send our nation reeling.

“There’s five different parts of the FBI conducting investigations into these things, with constant downdrafts from the Obama Justice Department. So in the, I hope, unlikely and very unfortunate event that Hillary Clinton is elected president, we will have a constitutional crisis that we have not seen since, I believe, 1860.” My fellow Americans, we must stop Hillary Clinton and we must stop her now. Wednesday could be too late.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

NYPD To Expose Hillary Et Al IF FBI Doesn't ... BOOM !


NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury

A True Pundit Release Nov. 2

NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices. “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.” The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton. “People are going to prison,” he said.

New York Police Department detectives and prosecutors working an alleged underage sexting case against former Congressman Anthony Weiner have turned over a newly-found laptop he shared with wife Huma Abedin to the FBI with enough evidence “to put Hillary (Clinton) and her crew away for life,” NYPD sources told True Pundit. 

NYPD sources said Clinton’s “crew” also included several unnamed yet implicated members of Congress in addition to her aides and insiders. 

The NYPD seized the computer from Weiner during a search warrant and detectives discovered a trove of over 500,000 emails to and from Hillary Clinton, Abedin and other insiders during her tenure as secretary of state. The content of those emails sparked the FBI to reopen its defunct email investigation into Clinton on Friday. 

But new revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to: 

Money laundering Child exploitation Sex crimes with minors (children) Perjury Pay to play through Clinton Foundation Obstruction of justice Other felony crimes NYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices. 

“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.” 

The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton. 

“People are going to prison,” he said. 

Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders  are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said. 

“If they don’t cooperate they are going to see long sentences,” a federal law enforcement source said. 

NYPD sources said Weiner or Abedin stored all the emails in a massive Microsoft Outlook program on the laptop. The emails implicate other current and former members of Congress and one high-ranking Democratic Senator as having possibly engaged in criminal activity too, sources said. 

Prosecutors in the office of US Attorney Preet Bharara have issued a subpoena for Weiner’s cell phones and travel records, law enforcement sources confirmed. NYPD said it planned to order the same phone and travel records on Clinton and Abedin, however, the FBI said it was in the process of requesting the identical records. Law enforcement sources are particularly interested in cell phone activity and travel to the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands and other locations that sources would not divulge. 

The new emails contain travel documents and itineraries indicating Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Weiner and multiple members of Congress and other government officials accompanied convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing 727 on multiple occasions to his private island in the U.S Virgin Islands, sources said. Epstein’s island has also been dubbed Orgy Island or Sex Slave Island where Epstein allegedly pimps out underage girls and boys to international dignitaries. 

Both NYPD and FBI sources confirm based on the new emails they now believe Hillary Clinton traveled as Epstein’s guest on at least six occasions, probably more when all the evidence is combed, sources said. Bill Clinton, it has been confirmed in media reports spanning recent years, that he too traveled with Epstein over 20 times to the island. 

Laptop Also Unveiled More Classified, Top Secret Breaches 

According to other uncovered emails, Abedin and Clinton both sent and received thousands of classified and top secret documents to personal email accounts including Weiner’s unsecured campaign web site which is managed by Democratic political consultants in Washington D.C. 

Weiner maintained little known email accounts that the couple shared on the website Weiner, a former seven-term Democratic Congressman from New York, primarily used that domain to campaign for Congress and for his failed mayoral bid of New York City. 

At one point, FBI sources said, Abedin and Clinton’s classified and top secret State Department documents and emails were stored in Weiner’s email on a server shared with a dog grooming service and a western Canadian bicycle shop. 

However, Weiner and Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton’s closest personal aide, weren’t the only people with access to the Weiner’s email account. Potentially dozens of unknown individuals had access to Abedin’s sensitive State Department emails that were stored in Weiner’s email account, FBI sources confirmed. 

FEC records show Weiner paid more than $92,000 of congressional campaign funds to Anne Lewis Strategies LLC to manage his email and web site. According to FBI sources, the D.C.-based political consulting firm has served as the official administrator of the domain since 2010, the same time Abedin was working at the State Department. This means technically Weiner and Abedin’s emails, including top secret State Department emails, could have been accessed, printed, discussed, leaked, or distributed by untold numbers of personnel at the Anne Lewis consulting firm because they can control where the website and it emails are pointed, FBI sources said. 

According to FBI sources, the bureau’s newly-minted probe into Clinton’s use and handling of emails while she served as secretary of state, has also been broadened to include investigating new email-related revelations, including: 

Abedin forwarded classified and top secret State Department emails to Weiner’s email Abedin stored emails, containing government secrets, in a special folder shared with Weiner warehousing over 500,000 archived State Department emails. Weiner had access to these classified and top secret documents without proper security clearance to view the records Abedin also used a personal yahoo address and her address to send/receive/store classified and top secret documents A private consultant managed Weiner’s site for the last six years, including three years when Clinton was secretary of state, and therefore, had full access to all emails as the domain’s listed registrant and administrator via Whois email contacts. Because Weiner’s campaign website is managed by the third-party consultant and political email guru, FBI agents are burdened with the task of trying to decipher just how many people had access to Weiner’s server and emails and who were these people. Or if the server was ever compromised by hackers, or other actors. 

Abedin told FBI agents in an April interview that she didn’t know how to consistently print documents or emails from her secure Dept. of State system. Instead, she would forward the sensitive emails to her yahoo, and her email linked to Weiner. 

Abedin said, according to FBI documents, she would then access those email accounts via webmail from an unclassified computer system at the State Dept. and print the documents, many of which were classified and top secret, from the largely unprotected webmail portals. 

Clinton did not have a computer in her office on Mahogany Row at the State Dept. so she was not able to read timely intelligence unless it was printed out for her, Abedin said. Abedin also said Clinton could not operate the secure State Dept. fax machine installed in her Chappaqua, NY home without assistance. 

Perhaps more alarming, according to the FBI’s 302 Report detailing its interview with Abedin, none of the multiple FBI agents and Justice Department officials who conducted the interview pressed Abedin to further detail the email address linked to Weiner. There was never a follow up, according to the 302 report. 

But now, all that has changed, with the FBI’s decision to reopen the Clinton email investigation and the husband and wife seeking immunity deals to testify against Clinton and other associates about the contents of the laptop’s emails. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

This Wikileaks Bunker Buster Just Dropped On Hillary, Obama And Soros

I have two Democrat Party bunker busters today. The first is a surreptitious (concealed) video of
Democrat operatives plotting all sorts of illegal, devilish, political actions against Republicans imaginable using our tax funds and George Soro's $millions. You can see it at the link below. I was sent me by 

Gold is going higher no matter who is elected... 

1. Obama lied: he knew about Hillary’s secret server and wrote to her 
using a pseudonym, cover-up happened (intent to destroy evidence) 

“Jen you probably have more on this but it looks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news… we need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say” 
“How is that not classified?” Huma Abedin to FBI when shown email between Clinton & Obama using his pseudonym. Abedin then expressed her amazement at the president’s use of a pseudonym and asked if she could have a copy of the email.” 
I can't state how huge this is, it's a cover up involving the President of the United States. There are a lot of emails implying this, but this email states it very clearly so anyone can understand. The email proves obstruction of justice and shows how they lied to the FBI, and likely perjury of Congress. This at the very least proves intent by her Chief of Staff. 
Obama used executive privilege on their correspondence. Cheryl Mills (who was given immunity) states they need to "clean up" the Clinton/Obama e-mails because they lacked 
Additionally, Obama on video publicly denied knowing about the server. He also claimed on video that he learned about the secret server through the news like everyone else. The corruption goes all the way to the top! Obama is lying to the American public. 
Hillary Clinton set up her private server to hide her pay to play deals discovered throughout these leaks, and to prevent FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests. 
Paul Combetta was hired to modify the email headers that referred to a VERY VERY VIP individual, i.e; change the name of who it was from. If you read Stonetear/Combetta story, it's easy to see this is exactly what he was attempting. He wanted to change header information on already sent mail to show "" instead of Hillary's private email address. Multiple people informed him of the infeasibility (and illegality) of it, so somewhere in the next 6 days it was decided that simply eradicating them was the only option left. 
The FBI said they could not find intent of trying to break the law, therefore no recommendation of prosecution. This email proves, in plain language, that there was intention, and knowingly broke the law. 
Ask yourselves: why would they both be communicating on a secret server to each other? Why not through normal proper channels? What were they hiding? We may soon find out… 
2. Hillary Clinton dreams of completely "open borders” 
“My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” 
This was stated at one of her $225,000 paid secret speeches to Wall Street that she has tried desperately to hide… This email contains those speeches in those attachments. 
Border protection is important. Borders add safety and sovereignty to a country. Borders helps prevent illegal immigration, which limits crime, drugs, human/sex trafficking across the border and allows more Americans (including African Americans and Latinos) to get jobs. It also costs the working class an exorbitant amount of money in higher taxes and leads to higher national debt. Mexico protects their southern border (with the help of $75 million from Obama). 
During the 3rd debate, Hillary tried to pivot away from this damning topic by stating she only meant energy. Read the quote for yourself, energy is just one aspect of her open borders policy. 
3. Hillary Clinton received money from and supported nations that she 
KNEW funded ISIS and terrorists 
“...the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.” 
“Clintons should know better than to raise money from folks whose primary concern has been supporting the NIAC, a notorious supporter of the Radical Islamic Mullahs. "The Clinton’s have thrown principle out the window in exchange for cold hard cash...putting money ahead of principle.” 
Hillary's Chief of Staff admits in the 2nd link that foreign interests sway Hillary to do what they want her to do (money for mandatory appearances). She also admits that the "Friend of Hillary" list is available and rentable to people who want to influence, but that it’s too sensitive to talk in email. 
This leak shows Hillary knows Saudis and Qatar are funding ISIS, which is an enemy of the state. After knowing this, Hillary accepted tens of millions in donations from these terrorist-funding governments (of course they are getting something back in return). She also supported arms deals to them. 
Saudi Arabia and Qatar commit horrible acts under Sharia law, including throwing gay people off of buildings, persecuting Christians, Jews, and atheists, and making it legal to rape and beat women. They are the leading funders of Hillary and her campaign through the Clinton Foundation. 

4. Hillary has public positions on policy and her private ones 
“But If Everybody's Watching, You Know, All Of The Back Room Discussions And The Deals, You Know, Then People Get A Little Nervous, To Say The Least. So, You Need Both A Public And A Private Position.” 
This leak is a big one because anything she tells us that she will do can and should be considered questionable. Whenever Hillary tells the public a position, a goal, or what she will do for America, there is no way we can be sure if she has an opposite, private position. 
This was one of her private paid $225,000 speeches to Wall Street. Behind closed doors she is telling her Wall Street donors one thing, and the American people another thing. Think about that for a moment... 
5. Paying people to incite violence and unrest at Trump rallies 
“Engage immigrant rights organizations. DREAMers have been bird dogging Republican presidential candidates on DACA/DAPA, but they’ve learned to respond. There’s an opportunity to bird dog and record questions about Trump’s comments and connect it to the policy.” 
“It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfucker” (from video below) 
"I mean honestly, it is not hard to get some of these ass holes to pop off, it’s a matter of showing up, to want to get into the rally, in a Planned Parenthood t-shirt. Or, Trump is a Nazi, you know? You can message to draw them out, and draw them to punch you." 
This video is the proof, please watch it! 
"Bird-dogging" is a term coined by high level Clinton staffers who openly talk about it in the video. They boast about inciting violence at Trump rallies, paying for every “protest”, manipulating Americans through the media to think that Trump is dangerous, and tricking people into thinking Trump supporters are violent and bad. 
They laugh about paying off mentally ill and homeless people for years to incite violence against conservatives. Truly despicable. And they pretended to be Bernie supporters while they were "protesting". 
They admit to starting the Chicago riot where police were seriously hurt, and admit to shutting down the freeway in Arizona, partnering with Black Lives Matter. We even have proof that Hillary paid people to shut down the Chicago rally. 
Inciting a riot is illegal under 18 US Code § 2102. 
They also think 50% of people in Iowa and Wisconsin are racists, as they state in the video. 
Robby Mook, Clinton Campaign Manager, mentions the Priorities SuperPAC in a leak, which is implicated in the video. 
Bob Creamer (who was fired) claims in the video that the campaign knew about everything. Bob Creamer visited the White House 340 times and personally met with Obama 45 times. 
6. Hillary's campaign wants "unaware" and "compliant" citizens 
“And as I've mentioned, we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking - and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.” 
The Clinton campaign is literally conspiring to keep the population unaware of what is going on, and they admitted it in this email. Very scary ‘1984’ level thinking (group-think). If Hillary is the right choice for president and the truth is on her side, they should encourage their supporters to be aware and do research on both candidates. 
Watch this video about it. 

7. Top Hillary aides mock Catholics for their faith 
[to be a Catholic is] "an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations” 
“ one knows what the hell they're talking about.” 
“There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle ages dictatorship 
Top Clinton aides, John Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri mock Catholics for their faith. They complain about the large number of Catholics in prominent positions. 
This was one of the few emails to actually make it to the mainstream media (FOX) and Palmieri when confronted about this revelation didn’t apologize. 
Brian Burch, president released a statement proclaiming, "Hillary Clinton has already called half of her opponents’ supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ and ‘irredeemable,’ and now it comes out that her campaign spokeswoman dismissively question[ed] the sincerity of Catholic Americans’ faith. Had Palmieri spoken this way about other groups, she [would be] dismissed. Palmieri must resign immediately or be fired.” 
This revelation was brought up at the Al Smith dinner for Catholics. 

8. Hillary deleted her incriminating emails. State covered it up. Asked 
about using White House executive privilege to hide from Congress. 
"They do not plan to release anything publicly, so no posting online or anything public-facing, just to the committee." 
"That of course includes the emails Sid turned over that HRC didn't, which will make clear to them that she didn't have them in the first place, deleted them, or didn't turn them over. It also includes emails that HRC had that Sid didn't.” 
“Think we should hold emails to and from potus? That's the heart of his exec privilege. We could get them to ask for that. They may not care, but I seems like they will.” 
"We brought up the existence of emails in reserach this summer but were told that everything was taken care of." 
"That of course includes the emails Sid turned over that HRC didn't, which will make clear to them that she didn't have them in the first place, deleted them, or didn't turn them over." 
The State Department was: 
(1) Coordinating with the Clinton political campaign. 
(2) Colluding with the press to spin it positively. 
(3) Doing so BEFORE they released it to AN EQUAL BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT. The Clinton campaign was always a step ahead of the committee investigating them. Shameful. 
Nick states "Just spoke to State" He goes on to reveal that State colluded with him about which emails are being revealed to committee and that the State plans to plant a story with AP. 
Shows intent to withhold emails from the subpoena. 

9. Bribery: King of Morocco gave Clinton Foundation $12 million 
for a meeting with Hillary, 6 months later Morocco gets weapons 
“condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation. If hrc was not part if it, meeting was a non-starter. CGI also wasn't pushing for a meeting in Morocco and it wasn't their first choice. This was HRC's idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request. The King has personally committed approx $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting.” 
“She created this mess and she knows it… HRC said she’s still considering.” 
This is AFTER her candidacy announcement! 
Very important e-mail in that it demonstrates Hillary's poor judgement (her idea) in the face of influence money and foreshadows how a Clinton Administration would be indebted to bad actors and criminal regimes. 
The "same issues we discussed" mentioned by Robbie Mook in this email is a veiled reference to Morocco's many human rights abuses. 
Her campaign staff is rightly concerned about the optics of the Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative accepting huge sums of money from a regime that so frequently violates international law and acts in a way that you'd expect the Clinton Foundation to publicly rebuke. 
It seems $12 million is just too much money to allow morals, ethics, and the best interests and values of American citizens to intervene. 
The Intercept explores how Morocco is exploiting Hillary's weakness for huge donations, and her desire to be President, to support their own geopolitical interests. 
10. State Department tried to bribe FBI to un-classify Clinton emails 
(FBI docs)
“[Redacted] indicated he had been contacted by [Kennedy], Undersecretary of State, who had asked his assistance in altering the e-mail’s classification in exchange for a ‘quid pro quo,’” 
“[REDACTED] believes STATE has an agenda which involves minimizing the classified nature of the CLINTON e-mails in order to protect STATE interests and those of CLINTON,” 
"[Redacted] advised that, in exchange for marking the email unclassified, STATE would reciprocate by allowing the FBI AGENTS to place more Agents in countries where they are presently forbidden." 
1) Not only did the State Department, the undersecretary himself no less, make an attempt to bribe the FBI (to declassify several emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server)... 
2) They did it by trying to tempt the FBI into allowing them to act in sovereign nations where they are presently not allowed to operate. 
This isn't a smoking gun. This is a smoking cannon. 
I'm not sure how this does not bring the State Department to a screeching halt. 
This shows a cavalier attitude towards protecting our nation’s secrets. These are the people Hillary will hire to help run the country, knowingly offering shady and illegal deals to cover up for their corruption. 
11. Hillary caught on tape about rigging the Palestine election 
“I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake. And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.” 

According to an article by The Observer, "On September 5, 2006, Eli Chomsky was an editor and staff writer for the Jewish Press, and Hillary Clinton was running for a shoo-in re-election as a U.S. senator. Her trip making the rounds of editorial boards brought her to Brooklyn to meet the editorial board of the Jewish Press. The tape was never released and has only been heard by the small handful of Jewish Press staffers in the room. According to Chomsky, his old-school audiocassette is the only existent copy and no one has heard it since 2006, until today when he played it for the Observer. The tape is 45 minutes and contains much that is no longer relevant." 
Chomsky recalls being taken aback that “anyone could support the idea - offered by a national political leader, no less - that the U.S. should be in the business of fixing foreign elections.” 
This is 100% proof that she is willing to debauch an electoral process. This also shows that she knows what it takes to rig an election. 
12. Latinos are "needy". Latino outreach is "taco bowl engagement" 
“Needy Latinos and 1 easy call.” 
"Attached is a script for a new video we’d like to use to mop up some more taco bowl engagement, and demonstrate the Trump actually isn’t trying." 
According to Hillary and her campaign, whites are “deplorables”, blacks are “super predators” who "need to be brought to heel", and Latinos are “needy” and the "taco bowl engagement". Such a uniter! 
13. Clinton campaign was in direct communication with DOJ regarding 
Hillary's investigation 
"DOJ folks inform me..." 
This report that Clinton’s campaign was in direct communication with the Obama Department of Justice on the email investigation shows a level of collusion which calls into question the entire investigation into her private server. 
On June 29, head of the DOJ, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a private plane for 30 minutes. The meeting occurred hours before the House Select Committee on Benghazi released its final report to the public. Sneaking around during an investigation with the husband of the one being investigated is highly unethical and downright shady. 
On October 28, Attorney General Lynch declined to comply with Congress regarding the secret Iran ransom payments. The top law enforcement official, The United Sates Attorney General, "declines to cooperate" with an investigation by Congress. Let that sink in. 
14. Bill Clinton receives $1 million "birthday gift" from ISIS-funding 
Qatar while Hillary was SoS, Qatar receives arms flow increases of 
“Would like to see WJC "for five minutes" in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC's birthday in 2011.” 
Just another examples of breaking the law. Also remember from earlier: Hillary KNEW that Qatar funds ISIS. Why is the country funding ISIS giving money to Bill and paying for Hillary’s campaign. What are they getting in return? 
In accordance with the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, you may not accept anything of value from a foreign government, unless specifically authorized by Congress. This rule applies whether you are on or off duty. Any unit of a foreign government, whether it is national, state, local, or municipal level, is covered. It also applies to gifts from international or multinational organizations comprised of government representatives. It also may apply to gifts of honoraria, travel, or per diem from foreign universities, which are often considered as part of the foreign government. Spouses and dependent children of Federal employees are also banned from accepting gifts from foreign governments. 

15. Hillary cheated in debates: DNC head Donna Brazile caught 
giving MULTIPLE debate questions to Hillary 
“From time to time I get the questions in advance… Here’s one that worries me about HRC [death penalty].” 
"I rarely hear it. I'll send a few more. Though some questions Roland submitted" 
"One of the questions directed to HRC tomorrow is from a woman with a rash" 
"Her family has lead poison and she will ask what, if anything, will Hillary do as president to help the ppl of Flint." 
Here is video proof of the question Donna Brazile sent. In the video, you can SEE Hillary looking down at her script to answer the question. Notice how Hillary has an extremely detailed response citing a dozen different things. Yet another scripted Hillary moment as you will see throughout these leaks. 
The question about the death penalty was asked almost verbatim by CNN the next night. Here is video evidence showing it. 
These are two clear instances and proof of Donna Brazile giving debate questions to Hillary's team. She tried hard to defend herself the first time in a cringe-worthy interview with FOX's Megyn Kelly. Donna dodged, pivoted, avoided the accusations and claimed she was "being persecuted" for being asked about leaking the question to Hillary so she could cheat. 
A day before the 2nd leak implicating Donna Brazile, she wrote on Twitter, "Please God, let this end soon" 
Shortly after this revelation came out, Donna Brazile (awaiting her resignation) wrote this on Twitter: "Thank you @CNN. Honored to be a Democratic Strategist and commentator on the network. Godspeed to all my former colleagues." 
CNN wrote, "We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor." 
Remember, Donna Brazile worked for CNN and the first debate question was released through CNN. The network that has been caught colluding with the Hillary campaign and in their own words, "doing everything [they] can to give [Hillary] a free ride" is implicated just as much as Donna Brazile and has no room to take the high road here. 
Assuming she is fired from the DNC (based on news, it seems likely as she was already fired from CNN), this would be the second head of the DNC to be fired in less than a year due to extremely unethical collusion with Hillary's campaign. The first (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) was hired by Hillary herself after she was fired by the DNC. Maybe Donna Brazile will follow suit. 
16. Hillary campaign prays for shooters in news stories to be white 
“Damn… Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.” 
This was the San Bernardino terrorist. I'm just blank after reading that. No words. 
17. Rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders (DNC favored Hillary) 
“Wondering if there’s a good Bernie narrative for a story, which is that Bernie never ever had his act together, that his campaign was a mess. Specifically, DWS [DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz] had to call Bernie directly in order to get the campaign to do things because they’d either ignored or forgotten to something critical.” 
“[Bernie is] someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what we do.” 
“He isn't going to be president.” 
“[F]or KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.” 
“If she outperforms this polling, the Bernie camp will go nuts and allege misconduct. They’ll probably complain regardless, actually." 
These emails were written by several leaders in the DNC. They are not supposed to take sides yet they clearly did months before any votes were cast. After the DNC leaks, their leader Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was fired, but immediately joined the Hillary Clinton campaign… think about that for a second. Remember… Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was placed at the top of the DNC once someone else stepped down, none other than Tim Kaine. In a later leak, we learn that Tim Kaine was promised VP a year in advance, so the pieces were put in place to get Hillary nominated. 
They even tried to attack his belief system. Hillary’s campaign has been helped and manufactured since the very beginning. 
There were statistical anomalies in the primaries. In states with only electronic voting machines, Hillary grossly out-performed exit polls, but when their were paper ballots/paper trail, exit polls matched the results. 
Bernie Sanders activist and process server Shawn Lucas served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in a fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters. He was found dead a few weeks later on his bathroom floor. 

18. Rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders (Hillary’s team) 
"Bernie and his people have been bitching about super delegates and the huge percentage that have come out for Hillary… We want [Bernie supporters] to go home happy and enthusiastic in working their asses off for Hillary. Why not throw Bernie a bone . . . his people will think they've "won" something from the Party Establishment. And it functionally doesn't make any difference anyway. They win. We don't lose. Everyone is happy." 
“I am doing the opposite, repeatedly writing friendly and positive pieces about Bernie as an HRC supporter, and when the time is right I will have money in the bank with him and his people as a liberal to urge them to come out in force to vote for HRC.” 
"Frankly I thought it was dumb for McCaskill and Gutierrez to be attacking Bernie. We are going to need his voters to turn out in November for HRC, he won’t be nominated.” 
"Through internal discussions, we concluded that it was in our interest to: 1) limit the number of debates (and the number in each state); 2) start the debates as late as possible; 3) keep debates out of the busy window between February 1 and February 27, 2016 (Iowa to South Carolina); 4) create a schedule that would allow the later debates to be cancelled if the race is for practical purposes over.” 
The person who wrote the superdelegate rules advises the Clinton Campaign how to create an illusion that Bernie people won something so they would work hard for Hillary after she is nominated. More shocking is the fact that they admit that the superdelegates are undemocratic. This guy flat out admitted that he rigged the system, and is proud of it. 
There was also a man who was acting as a mole for Bernie and writing positive/negative things about him then using that reputation to sway Bernie supporters to Hillary. 
Lastly, we see how to rig the debate schedule to be more favorable to her. One on one debates would have been better for Bernie Sanders, so they wanted to avoid that at all costs. They also wanted to limit the number of debates, and start them late to minimize the impact of the debates. 
Hillary is also on audio insulting Bernie supporters by calling them "basement dwellers". 
19. Hillary was hateful, neglectful, above the law, “contemptuous” to 
her security detail, and “blatantly disregarded” security, (FBI docs) (p. 43-45) 
“CLINTON frequently and “blatantly” disregarded [security and diplomatic protocols].” 
“This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol… CLINTON’s protocol breaches were well known throughout Diplomatic Security and were “abundant.”” 
“...ABEDIN possessed “much more power” over CLINTON’s staff and schedule than other former chiefs of staff… was often responsible for overriding security and diplomatic protocols on behalf of CLINTON.” 
“...Clinton disregarded security and diplomatic protocols, occasionally without regard for the safety of her staff and protection detail, in order to gain favorable press.” 
“...traveling to Palestine, CLINTON ordered the limousine driver… to open the window while in “occupied territory”, referring to a dangerous area of the West Bank. [He] initially declined to respond to CLINTON’s request; however, repeated demands by CLINTON forced him to open his window despite the danger to himself and the occupants.” 
“CLINTON’s treatment of DS agents on her protective detail was so contemptuous that many of them sought reassignment or employment elsewhere… it was difficult to find senior agents willing to work with her.” 
Look at the first link (highlights all the parts). Seriously, there are way too many to include in the quotes… just a sheer and utter lack of care for protocol, security, and the well being of others. This is the person who people want to be in charge of national security and classified documents. 
Another scary note in this list is the mention of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s long time assistant, possessing “much more power” and overriding security and protocol on Hillary’s behalf. Abedin has been strongly rumored to be Hillary’s Chief of Staff should she be elected. She also has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. 
20. Clinton Foundation schemed with Big Pharma: keep the price of 
AIDS drugs high in America and NO to cheaper generic versions 
“Since President Clinton’s comments were made, we have been contacted by a number of advocacy groups who are now intending to wage a public campaign to bring in generics and lower drug prices. We do not feel we can participate in this without jeopardizing our work around the world. We cannot oppose what they might do, but we also cannot be publicly supporting it either.” 
“we think that publicly pressuring the US and European AIDS drug companies to lower prices and bringing pressure to allow generic AIDS drugs into the United States will have limited if any success and could seriously jeopardize our negotiations to continually lower prices in poor countries… We have always told the drug companies that we would not pressure them” 
"We have always told the drug companies that we would not pressure them and create a slippery slope where prices they negotiate with us for poor countries would inevitably lead to similar prices in rich countries." 
"we suggest that we approach the innovator companies that can currently sell products in the US with the idea of making donations to help clear the ADAP lists." 
"the companies will likely favor a donation approach rather than one that erodes prices across the board. I would guess that they would also likely favor a solution that involved their drugs rather than an approach that allowed generic drugs from India to flood the US market at low prices or one that set a precedent of waiving patent laws on drugs." 
When the Clintons are questioned about the obvious sketchiness of their foundation, they routinely cite AIDS work. But the AIDS work is carried out by CHAI ("Clinton Health Access Initiative"), a separate organization. 
CHAI freely admits there is an implicit agreement with the drug companies not to pressure them to lower domestic prices. Bill Clinton made comments that added pressure. CHAI receives a great amount of positive publicity for their AIDS work abroad, and the comments jeopardize that program. Here, CHAI admits it is in their interests for U.S. AIDS drug prices to remain high, so that they can continue getting credit for keeping them low abroad. 
But CHAI is not content with simply fleecing American AIDS sufferers. Since CHAI doesn't want pressure on Pharma companies to linger, they propose to torpedo other AIDS advocacy groups by creating a smaller, watered-down domestic program with the Pharma companies before those other advocacy groups begin their assault in January. 
The Clintons are only out for themselves. In comments on World AIDS day in the subsequent years of 2012 and 2013, Bill says nothing whatsoever about domestic drug prices. If AIDS advocacy groups cannot trust the Clintons not to stab them in the back, how can the American people? 
Also remember, the Clinton foundation only donates 5.6% of their earnings to charity, despite Hillary knowingly and blatantly lying to the American people by claiming they donated 90% at the last debate, but she is counting on you to not do research, and her mainstream media to not report it. 
21. CNN leaked primary debate question to Hillary through head of 
“From time to time I get the questions in advance… Here’s one that worries me about HRC [death penalty].” 
The question about the death penalty was asked almost verbatim by CNN the next night. Here is video evidence showing it. 

22. Democrats created fake Trump "grope under the meeting table" 
Craigslist employment ad in May 2016 
“Like it or not, he may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table.” 
“As long as all the offensive shit is verbatim I’m fine with it.” 
Childish behavior from the people Hillary wants to help her run the country. Also references groping, which they are trying so hard (with the media’s help) to push forward. 
The reason this is damning is because it shows they were planning this way back in May, these "accusations" are not spontaneous. 

23. Hillary’s camp excited about a black teen’s murder (to help her 
“This is great.” 
“Davis was killed by a white man.” 
Disgusting. I wish all Americans would see this, the democratic strategists drooling over the opportunity to drive a wedge of racial hatred between the races in America to maximize their political advantage. 

24. Rigging media polls through oversampling 
“I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February.” 
“so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.” 
[For Arizona] “Research, microtargeting & polling projects - Over-sample Hispanics… - Over-sample the Native American population” 
[For Florida] “On Independents: Tampa and Orlando are better persuasion targets than north or south Florida (check your polls before concluding this). If there are budget questions or oversamples, make sure that Tampa and Orlando are included first. 
[For National] “General election benchmark, 800 sample, with potential over samples in key districts/regions - Benchmark polling in targeted races, with ethnic over samples as needed - Targeting tracking polls in key races, with ethnic over samples as needed” 
“The plan includes a possible focus on women, might be something we want to do is over sample if we are worried about a certain group later in the summer." 
This is why you see the skewed polls show Clinton +12 when other more accurate ones show Trump +2. The high Clinton ones oversample democrats by a HUGE margin to get desired results (sometimes 20-40% more Democrats sampled). Many are created by organizations that donate to Hillary, and some are even conducted by her own SuperPACs! 
They do this to make Republican voters feel discouraged and not come out to vote if they think their candidate will lose. 
Just look at this example in Arizona: Clinton +5, but Democrats were oversampled by 34% (58 out of 100 Democrats, 24 out of 100 Republicans)! Good lord. Unfortunately the colluding media only reports on the final number, without reporting on the over-sampling. 

25. "Bill Clinton Inc." How millions of dollars were raised for the 
Clintons. Blurred lines between personal and Foundation money 
​​ (in attachments) 
“Throughout the past 11 years since President Clinton left office, I have sought to leverage my activities, including my partner role at Teneo, to support and raise funds … to support the Clinton Foundation and President Clinton personally." 
"We also have solicited and obtained, as appropriate, in-kind services for the president and his family – for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like.” 
"...more than $50 million in for-profit activity...” 
"We appreciate the unorthodox nature of our roles" 
“Need get this asap to them although I'm sure cvc won't believe it to be true bc she doesn't want to Even though the facts speak for themselves. John, I would appreciate your feedback and any suggestions" 
"I'm also starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed." 

The 12 page document goes in detail over how Bill Clinton monetized the foundation. The basic context is that, at some point in 2011 there was a civil war inside the foundation, with Teneo/Doug Band on one side, and Chelsea Clinton on the other. In this attachment, Band tries to justify himself by going over how much money he has made for the Clintons. It also dispels and puts to rest the notion that the Clintons don't make money from the Foundation. In fact, it demonstrates that the Clinton fortune and the Foundation are indistinguishable and essentially the same, and that donations to the Foundation come with kickbacks for all involved. 
The Clinton Foundation even hired a law firm to find out if their pay-to-play scheme would jeopardize their charitable status with the IRS. 
Doug Band (who was to Bill what Huma Abedin is to Hillary) described his work as running "Bill Clinton Inc." Essentially, the memo describes Teneo as the revenue-generating arm of Clinton, Inc. - for Clinton speeches, foundation money, etc. It also details quite a bit of offshore money that came in. 
Band was selling his clients on idea that giving to the Foundation was a way to bolster their influence. 
The second link is more discussion on the infamous Doug Band memo about Teneo, which revealed corruption and inurement by the Clintons. They were using "charity" to personally enrich themselves to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Doug is worried that if the "story gets out" Teneo, the company involved in the scheme will have to be shut down completely and that they "would be screwed." 
​26. Hillary is still privately against gay marriage 
"I think everyone agrees we shouldn't restate her argument. Question is whether she's going to agree to explicitly disavow it. And I doubt it." 
"I'm not saying double down or ever say it again. I'm just saying that she's not going to want to say she was wrong about that, given she and her husband believe it and have repeated it many times. Better to reiterate evolution, opposition to DOMA when court considered it, and forward looking stance." 
Here they are discussing old footage of her opposing gay marriage and them trying to figure out how they are going to have Hillary say she's for gay marriage. 
It's commonly known that she was publicly against gay marriage until 2013 when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of it, then she "evolved". 
This also reiterates the #4 leak that she has public and private positions. 
27. Acknowledging radical Islam is a real threat and a “serious problem 
for our future” 
“But even if there weren’t violence, the fact that too many who are for subjugation of women, against gays, against Jews and Christians, etc – is a serious problem for our future. Unfortunately, if you sounded progressive in the Middle East/Pakistan, you’d be putting yourself at security risk.” 
“I wouldn’t have picked the fight over “radical islam” to begin with. I’m always happy to just concede that it’s a real thing and define it as a marginalized strain, which she did do today. I told Reid this, and I suggest it to you as well: you just don't want to be on the slippery slope of sounding like an imam who is defining what true islam is… By the way, every time Reid has spoken out in defense of Muslims, it has our most popular messaging of anything we do.” 
Her lead donors, Saudi Arabia, wouldn’t want her telling the truth about radical Islam or Sharia law (a.k.a. murdering gay people, oppressing women, genocide against Christians, etc.) So she doesn't even say the word publicly. 
She has her public position and then her private one here. Lip service to pander for votes. 

28. Admitting terrorists will infiltrate the Syrian refugee program 
“On Syrian refugees, is it enough to call just for vigilant screening? Shouldn’t we call for a thorough review of how we screen to make sure the procedures are actually up to snuff? I think both the CIA/FBI heads have testified and acknowledged that our screening may not deter terrorists. And I don’t think the american people feel like the screening process is adequate.” 
“Hillary Clinton Said Jordan Was Threatened Because ‘They Can’t Possibly Vet All Those Refugees So They Don’t Know If, You Know, Jihadists Are Coming In Along With Legitimate Refugees’.” 
“We can throw some more shade at the Arabs…” 
Both the CIA and FBI have released statements saying it is impossible to vet all of the Syrian refugees and that ISIS members will most likely infiltrate the refugee program as we have seen many times in Europe. 
In public, Hillary's team condemns any notion of preventing the Syrian refugee program from happening. Hillary herself has stated that she wants a 550% increase in Syrian refugees, but behind closed doors, her campaign admits that terrorists will infiltrate the program. 
Hillary has publicly stated that she admires Germany's Angela Merkel, in particular her stance on the refugee crisis (which Hillary is partly responsible for). Since the refugee crisis in Germany, rapes have skyrocketed, there are countless no-go zones, and Merkel has become so unpopular because of all this, that her party's numbers and chances of re-election have dwindled immensely. 
29. Hillary sends U.S. intelligence and war plans to Podesta’s hacked 
“Note: Sources include Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region.” 
Definitive proof that Hillary Clinton knowingly violated Title 18 U.S. Code § 798 'Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information.', sharing war plans directly from US and western Intelligence sources, LINKED TO BENGHAZI. 
“It’s unquestionably an OPSEC violation,” Dr. John Schindler, a former NSA analyst and national security expert, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. 
Anyone could easily hack this intelligence information (especially as Podesta’s password was “password”). That is why government personnel, especially the top brass, need to go through proper, secure channels, a.k.a. Government 101. 

30. Hillary took money from foreigners for campaign (illegal) 
"Hi all – we do need to make a decision on this ASAP as our friends who happen to be registered with FARA are already donating and raising.” 
“I'm ok just taking the money and dealing with any attacks. Are you guys ok with that?...Take the money!!” 
“If we do it case by case, then it will be subjective. We would look at who the donor is and what foreign entity they are registered for. In judging whether to take the money, we would consider the relationship between that country and the United States, its relationship to the State Department during Hillary's time as Secretary, and its relationship, if any, to the Foundation.” 
They basically say it will be handled on a case by case basis based partly on their relations with Hillary when she was Secretary of State and their interaction with the Foundation. 
My God. They were all trying their best to actually follow proper procedures, and Mook/Palmieri just sell "hell with it take the money". Watching the rule of law disintegrate in front of our eyes. They know it doesn't matter anymore. 
In the 2nd link, Robbie Mook and Huma Abedin reveal Hillary Clinton was soliciting and receiving donations from actors registered under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) as part of her campaign funding. 

31. Hillary says climate change activists should "get a life" (in attachments) 
“No. I won't promise that. Get a life, you know." 
Last year, environmentalists probed Hillary Clinton on renouncing fossil fuels, and this is how she responded to them. Yet another example of private vs. public positions on policy. 

32. Hillary is pro-fracking, calls it “a gift”, despite what she publicly 
“I want to defend fracking.” 
“I mean, the energy revolution in the United States is just a gift, and we’re able to exploit it and use it and it’s going to make us independent,” 
“I would watch our tone and not sound too pro-fracking,” Komar said. “A reluctant tone is a better fit for dem caucus goers (it’s a transition energy. It’s not great but it allows us to get to where we want to be).” 
This was in one of her $225,000 paid speeches to Goldman Sachs. In her Wall Street speeches, we see her say one thing to her donors and a completely different thing to the American people. Banks, lobbyists, special interests, and the global elite have been proven in these leaks to have influence over her and dictate many of her moves. 

33. Referring to a “Shadow Government” that protects Hillary (FBI 
docs) (p. 56) 
“H offers career-enhancing, Seventh Floor 
positions in which you can have a direct, substantive 
impact in achieving our foreign policy goals” 
“there was a powerful group of very high ranking state officials that some referred to as ‘The 7th Floor Group’ or ‘The Shadow Government.’” 
Obama slams 'crazy conspiracy theories' while the FBI's own docs literally say a "shadow government" protects Hillary. 
Obama and Hillary say it is a conspiracy theory to believe in a rigged system... after saying the system is rigged. 
They say it is a conspiracy theory to believe in voter and election fraud, yet we have video proof of high level democrats talking about how they commit voter fraud as well as voting machines changing votes from Trump to Hillary (leading to counties admitting to the "errors" and using safer paper ballots), and electronic voting machines owned by companies and elites paying Hillary Clinton money with past ties to election fraud. 

34. List of reporters that Hillary wined and dined, including biggest 
journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, and 
a lot more. Off the record. 
​ (another dinner with 25) 
"20 reporters who will closely cover the campaign (aka the bus)" 
"Off the record" dinner with 25 press attendees.” 
“Hi John - I just wanted to thank you again for your hospitality last night. You were so kind to open your home to us, and the food was as fantastic as promised (everyone at the White House raves about your dinners). I really appreciated the opportunity to connect with a number of folks from Team Clinton. The evening was a great way to kick off this crazy adventure. Thank you, and I hope we'll cross paths again soon. Best, Colleen Colleen McCain Nelson The Wall Street Journal” 
No wonder the mainstream media has been shilling so hard for Hillary. 
The first link is the list of media personalities who went to the "off the record" private party in the personal home of John Podesta. Includes many corrupt, in-the-tank-for-Hillary journalists like John Heillman, Mark Halperin, Maggie Haberman (colluding in other emails with the Hillary campaign) and many others (Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos, Mika Brzezinski, and so many more). 
The largest amount of invitees who said yes to the private party are from the New York Times, Bloomberg, MSNBC, and CNN. Seems to nicely reflect the level of corruption and pro-Hillary bias. This is April 2015 so they were influencing journalists for a long time and their investment has clearly paid off. 

35. Democrats using American lobbyists to money launder foreign 
donations illegally 
“Take the money!! We're consistently flagging more FARA registrants daily. In terms of # - we're at 27 out of 370 prospective bundlers - but to Jesse's question - that does not represent the costs of how much these folks would likely raise. If we were looking at these folks below on a case by case basis, I'd want to specifically raise: Tony Podesta (Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt), Ben Barnes (Libya), John Merrigan (UAE), Wyeth Weidman (Libya), and Mike Driver (UAE connections)...Wyeth Wiedeman Ben Barnes Group National Board for the Following Up and Recovering of the Libyan Looted and Disguised Funds of the Transitional Government of Libya, through Washington African Consulting Group, Inc (12/3/14 - Current)." 
Very clear intent to break campaign finance laws. We also once again see Clinton's team say, "Take the money!!" They thought they wouldn't get caught. 
This picture describes it. 

36. The New York Times colluding with Hillary, allowed quote edits 
“Margaret, far be it from me what the public editor of the NY Times should focus on, but…” 
"These exchanges were pretty interesting ... would love the option to use… I wanted the option to use all — and you could veto what you didn't want." 
The Clinton campaign vetoed essentially the entire interview, but even in the portions they did allow for publication, they had Mark Leibovich edit out a mention of Sarah Palin, at Hillary’s personal request. 
There are multiple times the NYT has been colluding with Hillary in these leaks, including the fake smears. 
This was the article. 
37. Racist remarks about Blacks and Muslims 
“...(Muslims, blacks** and Roma***, for instance) fare badly almost irrespective of circumstances.” 
“...the professional never-do-wells.” 
They said most blacks and Muslims will fail no matter the situation. 
Remember, Hillary is on video calling black youth “super predators” having "no conscious, no empathy" and that they “need to be brought to heel”. I'm sure this girl did not find her comments amusing. 
This is the same woman who's mentor was a KKK recruiter, who was endorsed by KKK Grand Dragon William Quigg, who belonged to an 'Only-Whites' golf club at the same time Trump was leading the fight to include blacks and Jews into his golfing clubs, and who shamelessly pandered to black people with her hot sauce comment and fake accent. 

38. Hillary’s poor health (collapsing, memory loss, drug research) 
"Have you talked with her at all about taxes and health? I'm know both are hyper sensitive but I wonder if both are better dealt with very early so we control them" 
“Hard to think of anything more counter productive than demanding Bernie's medical records.” 
“Stay the course, don't ride the roller coaster and keep the candidate well rested.” 
“I would make it shorter only because it’s a bank of Mics and no podium,” 
"She won't be able to give it in the round like [Bill Clinton] does walking around with microphone... Are we able to set it up so shes speaking at a podium” 
“How bad is her head?... "Don't know... Huma left here about an hour ago. I just pinged again to ask about prep, haven't heard back." 
"She's often confused." 
Her camp knows that her health is a serious problem. Also, they are too afraid to ask for Bernie's medical records, knowing Hillary's medical records are much worse. 
On September 11, 2016, Hillary Clinton collapsed and was unresponsive, and had to be dragged into a van, while the media tried to hide it until a citizen journalist posted the video on YouTube. 
Hillary Clinton also sent her executive staff in the State Dept. to help get information on Provigil, a controlled drug that is prescribed for patients suffering from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. It's also used to help such patients stay awake and stop extended bouts of sleep. 
Hillary Clinton also reached out to the NFL Commissioner in 2012 to ask for advice on her "cracked head" and head injuries. This head injury led to a major blood clot near her brain and put her out of work for several months. This injury has prevented her from remembering several things, including (she claims) several meetings as Secretary of State, among other things. 
We also see several references to needing a podium to lean on for a 2 minute speech, making speeches shorter or her not being able to walk around because of her health. 
She also has had extreme coughing fits where she is unable to speak for minutes at a time during rallies. 
39. Tipped off by the State Department regarding Benghazi emails 
“Someone here just got a tip that the State Department may be planning to release her Benghazi emails tomorrow or Monday.” 
"Quick update on this - DOS says the release of the 300 will likely happen on Thurs or Friday. Will keep you posted as I hear anything further on my end. Thx" 
More evidence of government corruption. 
It's also confusing why all of the controversial conversations, like this one, seem to always be conducted through Gmail rather than official campaign email addresses. 

40. Hillary’s staff admitting she is “tainted” and “really vulnerable” on corruption and bribery 
“Increase government’s public reporting so voters know what goverment is doing ...66.. - Strengthen bribery laws to ensure that politicians don’ change legislation for political donations. 62%... The second idea is a favorite of mine, as you know, but REALLY dicey territory for HRC, right?” 
“This is a jump ball. She may be so tainted she's really vulnerable = if so, maybe a message of I've seen how this sausage is made,” 
Not shocking to everyone else, but now we know her own staff realizes this too. She is easily bribed with foreign money from oppressive regimes, which is abundantly apparent in the leaks. They give her money, she gives them government favors.