Monday, December 5, 2016

What The Voices Of Constitutional Liberty Are Saying

Here is a Podcast of Chris Martinson's interiew with Jim Rickards. Jim is one of the most "in the know" people alive on what is happening in America and the world today. Both Chris and Jim are Conservative Partiots who surpass the wisdom and knowledge of the elite insiders in understanding where our country and the world are headed on Financial, Economic, Political and Strategic issues. Jim is overflowing with extraordinary information so you will have to "listen Quickly" and stay focused. I'm posting this Podcast of controversial content because my conscience won't let me do otherwise.

I might add ... they do not cover the spiritual, biblical ramifications of the world's problems, but I try to do that myself. What they do, is give an accurate synopsis of the world situation from a secular point of view with facts and information so you can make preparations for your physical and fiscal protection. Knowledge is power, to that end.  RB

Click here and scroll down one page to the Podcast video

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