Monday, July 25, 2016

The Mystery Of The FBI's Refusal To Indict Hillary ... Solved ?

Now why would FBI Director James Comey state very plainly that Hillary was "guilty" and "shouldn't be President" but at the same time refuse to indict her?

Here is the best explanation of that travesty of justice I have yet seen. RB

IT SEEMS PROBABLE TO ME...BEST EXPLANATION I'VE HEARD SO FAR. GOOD MESSAGE HERE.... NOT TO MENTION that ED KLEIN who wrote the book on the Clintons - coming out next week -- said Hillary was called to the office of Valerie Jarrett and Obama back in 2009 and told her she had to stop sending emails thru her personal server. OBVIOUSLY SHE DIDN'T LISTEN TO THEM.  So, YES, Obama knew and Jarrett knew and Huma knew along with how many others!!!! FBI Director James Comey basically delivered a coded message to the American People and the world. He said: “She is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt, certainly should not be president, and should be brought to justice; however, our country has been infiltrated and is basically corrupt!” I think Lynch and Obama made it clear to him: if he pressed for an indictment, he would be taking the democrat nominee for president out of the election. If he then failed to get a conviction, he would be facing charges of tampering with and changing the outcome of a federal election to which he would be facing the rest of his life in prison. Now you know why he presented his case the way he did and why it was so obvious he was reluctant to not press for indictment. Also, the key is in what Comey said: 80 email chains. That means an exchange between people. E.g., Hillary sending AND RECEIVING. So if he charges Hillary, he has to charge the others in the chain. What if the exchange is with Obama? It is not a stretch to think the Sec of State would be in email contact with POTUS. Let’s just say...Bill went to Loretta and said shut this down or else, if Hillary is charged, she will tell under oath that some of the emails were with the President, so he is also guilty of a felony! THAT is IMPEACHABLE.  The Republicans would go for it: the Dems would yell racism and the country would erupt in violence. So, Lynch tells Comey: you better watch it or you could be to blame for violence tearing this country apart. What is he to do??? So, Comey takes 20 minutes spelling out everything bad Hillary did, just like a trial in public, then stops short to prevent any unrest." Ed Klein

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