Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Will Win This Rust Encrusted Sinking Ship's Captain's Berth

He will do a heroic job of trying to save the ship of state while half the Congressional Crew of Democrat pirates and RINOs sabotage the faltering engines, scream "Fire in the hold"and rush for the lifeboats. Only Trump, Pence and a few Republicans and Independents will remain faithfully at their stations in a life and death effort to make the USS America great again. The odds of succeeding in that endeavor are about a thousand to one. I can think of just one rational means by which Trump, or anyone else, with God's guidance, might fulfill that campaign promise. That one way would be to restore the Gold Standard and set the total amount of U.S. dollars, digital, currency, and borrowed debt as backed by, the supposed, 8000 tons of U.S. gold reserves in Fort Knox, West Point, and the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Then revalue an ounce of gold by dividing the total number of dollars by the number of ounces of gold. This would give an ounce of gold a value of about $50,000 dollars which, with 8000 tons, would pay off our $20 trillion dollar debt. But the problem is even greater than that in that our dollar debt does not include our government's "unfunded" but contractual debt of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid etc which is five to seven times greater than our Federal "borrowed" debt of $20 trillion. So all of the Federal so called "Entitlements" would have to be canceled or included in a ridiculous revaluation of gold up to around $250,000 per ounce to pay those "entitlement" promises. But that will never happen. One flaw in this is that our U.S. gold reserves haven't been audited since the Eisenhower Administration and that 8000 tons may not even be there. The FED expects us to just take their word for it. You may remember that several months ago we couldn't even return Germany's request for their measly 300 tons we were holding for them. They still haven't gotten it.

The only other options I can think of to deal with our incomprehensible government debt is to declare national bankruptcy or simply repudiate all of our debt by refusing to pay it. The consequences of those options would probably be war with the nations we owe it to ... mostly China and Russia. Would they go along with a revaluation of gold? Maybe ... since they and India have been buying most of the world's annual gold production for many months.

The bottom line is, we are all hopeless of any redemption, fiscal, physical or spiritual except for faith in our Almighty God and the Blessed Hope we have in Jesus. This old world is terminal; Christians are eternal. Pray that Trump will accept Christ sometime soon. Hillary? I have little hope for that, but pray for her. Win or lose ... they both need help from above.

Here is the short list of this sinking ship's Cargo Manifest

1. $125 to $175 trillion in debt demands. US total net worth, less Federal debt, is only $125 trillion

2. Global bad will of our abused friends and contempt of our dangerous enemies.

3. A nuclear Iran, Pakistan and North Korea plus the two biggest thugs on the block, China and Russia.

4. Our starved, under strength military with a slingshot but no stones.

5. A 25% actual unemployment rate is increasing.

6. Wide open drug trafficking and addiction spreading ... with clogged court systems and full prisons.

7. Bankrupt Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and retirement programs.

8. A Rapidly imploding Obama Care health system.

9. Medical costs exploding.

10. A million illegal aliens and hundreds of thousands of Obama's Muslim refugee fiasco.

11. Christian population shrinking while Satan worship and Islamic population rising.

12. The God of our fathers, our Savior Jesus and His word being abandoned.

Too many holes in this ship to patch.

Trump will win the Presidency as Herbert Hoover, another Republican, won it in 1929 just before the crash of the stock markets that same year. Even though he or the Republicans were not responsible for the 1929 crash and the Great Depression, they got all the blame and it took years for another Republican to be elected to the White House. The same thing will probably happen soon after Trump becomes President, so the winning of the prize is not necessarily a victory. One good thing is that Trump will get to appoint, maybe several, Supreme Court Justices vetted by the strongly conservative Heritage Foundation and Judicial Watch. That has already been agreed upon. The best thing that can happen is for the next great crash to happen right now, not after Trump takes office.... If he wins it.

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